Normal petrol vs extra premium petrol. 

I think this is very confusing topic among all of us, that which is the better fuel? and why premium fuel is costlier than normal fuel? So here is the answer, the octane number/octane rating of premium fuel is more than that of normal fuel.

Now what is octane number? 

Octane number/octane rating represents the fuel’s ability to resist knocking, which is produced by combustion(air/fuel mixture) inside the engine. During combustion chances of power loss, damage/wear and tear of engine parts are high. So high octane rating fuel reduces the knocking property of the engine.

So, octane rating of normal petrol is about 91now, before BS4(bharat stage-central pollution control board) emission standards it use to be between 87 to 90. And octane rating of premium petrol ranges from 91 to 94. In india speed 99 is the fuel with highest octane rating, its ocatne rating is 99.

Which fuel should be used? 

In india generally, we have economy-class vehicles, which are having compression ratios under 10:1, which makes them suitable for consuming low octane rating fuel, so any fuel can be used but premium pertol is still a smart choice. Although premium petrol does not helps much in milage, but still you will observe 2 to 4 kmpl milage hike as compared to regular petrol.

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