This topic is not too vast, but i think this need to be shared with two wheeler owners. Generally we have two stands in our bikes, center stand and side stand and both are there for a purpose. So lets begin.

Side stand

Side stand is towards the left side of the vehicle, use this stand if you are leaving your vehicle for short time for about one or two hour, and try leaving your vehicle in gear, this will help you if you are parking your vehicle in slopes.

Center stand (middle stand) 

Generally putting your vehicle on center stand needs little effort, but if you are leaving your bike for more than four hours, for example in nights or during your working hours in office or you are going out of station for few days, you must park your bike on center stand, because in this position your bike is standing straight and engine oil will remain in level(it will not collect on the left side of engine, which happens while using side stand), battery acid will also remain stable.



One more useful tip i would like to share. In mornings or whenever your bike is parked more than four to five hours. Try using kick instead of self start, it will help your battery live long and before putting it in gear or before moving, leave your vehicle start for one or two Minutes, by doing this oil pump will pump the oil on major parts, which need oil surface coating while working.

When do you use the centre stand on motorcycle ?

Generally, in motorcycle, there are two stands, one is center stand and other si side stand. Side stand of motorcycle is generally used by the rider, when the motorcycle is parked for a short period of time, in side stand, the motorcycle stands at tilted position.

Side stand of motorcycle

Motorcycle on stand stand.




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