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  • INTERNET has been a funny place, in past two to three years internet usage in India has increased drastically. Many tried to in-cash this opportunity and in this process some got famous and some got bullied by the nation. Now, a days getting viral is no less than a carrier opportunity. In recent past, many of them got this opportunity, but some of them have used this very well and now they have made a separate carrier out of that and some got trolled very badly like Dhinchak Pooja, Om Prakash Mishra.

So, in this article we will be featuring five such creative and talented artists, who made big on internet in the field of music.

  • Yashraj Mukhate – Yashraj Mukhate born on November 28, 1995, is an engineer who, gained massive fan base  through a parody video, which went viral on August 2020 and rest is history. His work was appreciated and loved by the audiences and now is looking forward to earn as music composer/music producer. He made a parody on a dialogue from the Television  serial “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya”. Yashraj Mukhate viral video.

Many of you don’t know that his father Bushanraj Mukhate is also a good singer and music composer and also has a you tube channel. Yashraj is having music in his blood. since, his first viral video, he is continuously delivering creative content, he is having massive fan following on internet with 4.6 Million followers on you tube, 2 Million on INSTAGRAM This person even got noticed by bollywood celebs like Raveena Tondon. In his another viral video ‘Sada Kutta Kutta’ Raveena tagged  Bigg Boss 13’s Shehnaaz Gill’s and Yashraj. Even sometimes, rumors got out that Yashraj Mukhate will be soon entering Bollywood. We wish him success.  Contact –  .

  • Mayur Jumani – Another name is this list is Mayur Jumani, he has done Master of Music in Music Production, technology, and Innovation in 2016. Since, then only he was active in the field of music and was doing projects as a freelancer, for which he maintains a business website as well Mayur Jumani website . In 2020 Mayur made some mash-up video’s on journalist Arnab Goswami, where he used the tag line as “Mujhe Drugs Do” spoken by Arnab. That video, got over 1.1 million views and 65k likes. Currently, Mayur is having 533K followers on youtube. Some recommendations from our side.

Some recommendations from our side. Mayur videos on Donald trump “Vivekamunand” , Shweta zoom call, Babu Bhai Remix are must watch, Do have a look, by clicking on the link. You can contact Mayur on .

  • Blazze Music/Rosh Blazze – Next super talented youngster in our list is Rosh Blazze, he started making youtube videos from 20 Oct 2017 and gained his initial audience from youtube, currently having 75.3K subscribers on his youtube channel and over 4k followers on Instagram.  Famous by the name Blazze Music, he is Music Producer | Mixing & Mastering Engineer by profession. He made a video on a popular meme “Oh Ma Go True Love” this video is having 2M views on youtube with 78k likes on it. These figures confirms that even people love to enjoy this type of creative music. 

His official website is www.blazzestudios.com, where you can check all the services offered by him. His album Blazzeous, vol.1 was out on 30 June 2020, which is having 10 tracks, and out of which OBSESSION is my favorite. You can contact him on blazzemusicofficial@gmail.com (Free Collaboration are not Available – Recommended by ROSH).

  • Anshuman Sharma – Anshuman Sharma is Famous as the guy who made a ‘Ritviz’ song in two minutes.  Anshuman born in delhi, called to Mumbai after he was discovered by Indian music composer Salim Merchant, Salim liked Anshuman’s video on DIL CHAHTA HAI, and he was highly impressed by the music of Anshuman and asked him to move to Mumbai for future work. 

Some of his work is also available on amazon, All these music composers have different versions of Arnab Goswami “Mujhe Drugs Do”, Anshuman’s version is also having over 1m views on DRUGS DO, and for this video Anshuman states “I saw a lot of people sharing that video on twitter, and a lot of them tagging me in the video requesting me to create a remix using it. It was already sounding like a song even before I’d put music in it, so I was more than happy to produce it!” You can contact Anshuman Sharma on his Instgram – @anshuman.sharma1

  • Ritviz – Ritviz Srivastava born on 24 July 1996 is an Indian singer-songwriter, electronic musician and record producer from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Ritviz gained fame through his song “UDD GAYE” featured on A.I.B.‘s official YouTube channel as he won the 2017 Bacardi House Party Sessions, organised by A.I.B. Ritviz  has taken his training from Uday Bhawalkar, he is an an Indian classical vocalist from Ujjain. 

Ritviz parents are also connected to music, his mother (Mrs. Anvita Bharti) is a classical vocalist and teaches Performing Arts as a lead teacher at Delhi Public School, Pune, his father (Mr. Pranay Prasoon) is a Tabalchi (Artists who play Tabla as an instrument). Ritviz is having massive fan base of over 1.93M subscribers on youtube . In mismatched series, which was featured on Netflix on 20 November 2020 also has a track “Sun Toh” produced by Ritviz. In 2015, High Chai Recordings, a US based music-label, contacted Ritviz and they released his MUKTI track under their name. For business enquiries, you can contact his manager Rahul Sinha on 


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