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What do you mean by SEO in 2021? Describe SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple words, all the tricks, methods, technical parameters which you have to follow for increasing quality and quantity of traffic on your website, through organic search engine results like Google. SEO is basically a daily practice.

Now, Google has already mentioned that the search results depend upon approx. “200 ranking factors”, which you have to follow. Moving further, these factors are categorized under ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION and OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION.


On page optimization plays a major role in long term SEO  games (Brand Building), and like its name, it is done on the page, which is present on internet.

On page optimization are all those factors, which we have to include in our website, so that search engines don’t have any problem understanding that, what this website or web page is all about. This helps you, gaining the relevant prospects, which we are searching for our business growth.

On page seo includes all the content, present on the page. Some of the most imp On page seo factors are as follow.

  • SSL – Your website should have a SSL certificate, which stands for data security. Many times you have seen HTTPS in the URL of banking or investment firm websites, because money is involved and these secured websites are easily trusted by the users.
  • Mobile friendly – As the data shows, that more than 50% of the internet users use their cell phones as their primary device. So, your website should be fast and mobile friendly.
  • Images and content – Images and content should be compressed, so that they don’t take long time to open. Your website should be easily understandable, easily scrollable, so that the user don’t get any bad experience.
  • HTML – Now this particular factor is very imp according to me because search engines look at your website in the form of HTML content. By using heading tags, meta description, title tags, internal links and short and clean sub urls properly, you can definitely rank your website higher.
  • IMP pages – Your website should have a proper contact page, policy page, about us page, which increases the trust factor of your website.
  • Content is the KING 👑 – Now listen, to this very carefully, your content is a solution of a problem and the problem or query is being searched by the user. So, your content should be relevant and accurate. This will satisfy your user and will be adding value to it life. This will help you in building a brand.


As it’s name suggests, all those actions taken outside of your website are called OFF page Seo.

Majority of the people think, that off page seo is only link building, which is not true. What ever you do with the name of your website, builds your brand reputation, it indicates your importance and presence.

  • Backlinks – now links are build if you are doing guests posts, answering in Quora or related platforms, leaving valuable reviews or content or by sharing the content on different social media platforms. Here quality backlinks are important than quantity of backlinks.
  • High domain authority – Always try to gain backlinks from high domain authority sites, which are already famous and trusted by the users.
  • Avoid errors – At the same time, at proper time intervals, do check your previous links because links are connectivity between two pages, if one page is not there then there will be a broken link. So always check and remove broken links because broken links decrease the trust percentage of your brand.
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