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Microfiber cloth/Lint free cloth

When it comes to maintenance of your vehicles, we think time to time servicing is enough but keeping it clean is also as important, and the best cloth for cleaning vehicles is a microfiber cloth.


Now what is microfiber cloth? 

Microfiber cloth is a blend of 70 to 80 percent polyester and 30 to 20 percent nylon(polyamide). It looks and feels like a towel. Threads or yarn of a microfiber cloth are very thin, approx 100 times thinner than human hair.

Why microfiber is the best cloth for cleaning of vehicles?


Microfiber is the best option because of its material quality. Threads of microfiber cloth are insanely thin, as a result it is capable of catching the finest dirt and dust particles. Microfiber is lint free, it does not leaves back small balls like cotton cloths. This cloth can soak 8 times more water weight than its own weight, resulting not leaving any moisture behind. In short it picks up any thing which is on the surface, giving you a clean, dry and bacteria free surface. But remember heat can damage its surface.

How to wash a microfiber cloth?

Like any other cloth, you can wash microfiber cloth with detergent in warm water, but try to wash them separately so that impurities of other cloths are not soaked by it. Add little backing soda in the water which will remove all the oily like substances from the cloth, but if you are using costly microfiber cloths then you can also buy their specific cleaning chemicals.

Best Cleaning cloth for car seats?

Microfiber cloths can be used for cleaning car seats as well, but try to maintain few different cloths for the interior of your car. Generally, car seats are full of small particles of dead skin cells, hairs, dust and other impurities. Fiber cloth attracts the dust and hence, every time gives you a clear seat. Although, for a better experience, you can also use a Interior cleaner or sprays. This will, definitely give you a great experience.

TIP – If you are on for car cleaning sprays, just go for that one, which has lemon in it. Bacterias and germs are easily vanished with the help of lemon.

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