In, this article, we are going to cover the topic CARS. OK, now lets first talk about its origin, from where it all started, its the cars history.


Cars invented in the year 1886 as per records, when an inventor from GERMANY, named KARL BENZ , came up with Benz Patent-Motorwagen. 

First car of the world

Old car name – Carl Benz

CARS IN 2021

So, today we are in 2021, Cars have came a long way, in each and every aspect, weather it is comfort, or driving ease, or braking systems, long lasting tyres, and advanced, more and more advanced engines.

You must have heard about BUGATTI VEYRON. This car is the best example of it own breed. BUGATTI VEYRON price is  $1.9 Million. WOW, that is a lot of money .

       Now, a quick fact about cars – In DUBAI, only licensed car washers can wash the cars, and washing your own car in DUBAI is illegal.


Even, from my childhood, i was crazy for cars and i used make CAR DRAWING.

Car drawing

AND how can we forget the movie CARS of 2006. Although, this movie was made for children, but ending up, we all loved that movie, that was something beyond human age barriers. CARS CAST was very popular just after that movie hit the cinema halls. In this movie, many Hollywood actors gave their voice for the car characters, some of them are like OWEN WILSON, PAUL NEWMAN, PAUL DOOLEY, LARRY THE CABLE GUY, RICHARD PETTY, LYNDA PETTY, TIM ALLEN, TOM HANKS, JACK ANGEL, SCOTT CLARK, and many more.



– On feb6, 2018, TESLA ROADSTER was send into space on a Falcon rocket. Ans right now that car is very close to mars and that is  215.6 million miles from Earth and is travelling at a speed of more than 6,000 miles per hour. 



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