Why are all the tyres black in colour



Have you ever imagined why all of the vehicle tyres are black in colour? Well you won’t believe that the first tyre was made in 1895 and it was white in colour, because it was madeup of pure rubber and the natural colour of rubber is milky white. But there were many drawbacks, these white tyres were not much durable, rigid. Their heat resisting capacity was very low and they were poor in gripping also, which makes their life span very small, that is from 100 km to 200 km only.

But today’s types are hard, durable, rigid, heat resistant, have good strength, they have no effect of rain and offer us good grip on roads, which is necessary for braking. And for gaining all these qualities a chemical compound is mixed with pure rubber that is CARBON BLACK. Because of this only, we have all the tyres black in colour.



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